Capshield – The protective cover of medical probes – An elastic sheath or lining that prevents direct contact with the patient’s limbs as a physical barrier. This device is used to prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.


Why use capshield?

Today, one of the ways to diagnose a disease is using a device such as ultrasound. Such devices are directly contacted by a probe and a special gel on it. These probes can not only be disposable or disinfected because of their sensitivity and the cost.

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Why use capshield?

Advantages of using capshield

Capshield (protective probe guard) is a lining or elastic coating that prevents direct contact with the patient’s organs as a physical barrier. This device is used to prevent the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.

Advantages of using capshield
Prevent transmission

Preventing the transmission of various types of infections .

Reduce the risk of disease

Reduces the risk of transmitting diseases from patient to patient .

Disinfection of probes

The probes will stay safe from contact with any surface and will not touch .

No impairment quality

Without loss of imaging quality, there is no noise or quality degradation .


A disposable product that is discarded after use .

The price is right

Safe, affordable and easy to operate, and does not require technical knowledge .

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